Monday, February 10, 2014

"Wintered Over"

A scene that I've shot more than any other:
One of Buffalo's best kept secrets: Mutual Riverfront Park, on the outside edge of "Elevator Alley" where South Street meets Hamburg Street on the edge of the Old First Ward.

The two little twin G-Tugs, "Washington" and "New Jersey", wintered over on the south end of the Union Ship Canal.

No matter what time of year, there is always color and light at the foot of South and Hamburg which makes this a favorite place to try a new lens, experiment with an untried film, or just to get warmed up and back in the flow of taking pictures.

After shooting the deer nearby, I spotted the drifting snow near the two familiar tug boats and, despite the three degrees separating me from zero, was rewarded with this shot. A nice contrast to the Summer of 2012 photos (Here), I know that I'll be visiting this bend in the road (and river) again when the skies are clear, and as always, Im certain that the payoff will be more beautiful images of this local maritime treasure.
(Shot info: Nikkor-H 28mm (f/3.5) shot @ f/8 for 12 seconds)

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